Non-Drug Therapies for Back Pain

I recently read this amazing article that was published in the "Consumer Reports" magazine in the June 2017 issue.

For all of us, there comes a time when we suffer from back pain and we want immediate pain relief solutions when back pain strikes.  That's where treatments like Chiropractic, Acupuncture and soft tissue therapies come into play to provide us with education and treatment designed to make us pain free but also to educate us on how to remain pain free and move ahead with our life.

In our office, through Chiropractic we provide you with the best in Chiropractic Adjustments aimed at reducing the pain from the joints.  The Chiropractic adjustments are combined with gentle soft tissue therapy to aid in relieving muscle pain.

We pride ourselves in educating our patients on their health and how to manage their stress through home care and care with us.  We educate our patients and give activities which fit into their busy schedules.

We welcome you to come and explore Sonie Clinic and learn about how to manage your health with us - create your best in health with our team.